8. ročník Tragicky Dlouhých Tratí se letos koná 22. 8. 2015

Start: 10:00 hod

Kategorie: 2 x 4 500 m OPEN / WOMEN / MIX

                   2 x 450 m FUN

Startovné: OPEN / WOMEN / MIX  6.600,- Kč

                                                   FUN 4.400,- Kč

Deadline přihlášek: 14. 8. 2015


We invite all Open, Women, Mixed (the minimum of 8 women per crew) and Fun crews to take part in the 2 x 450 m or 2 x 4500m race with a head-to-head start of 6 boats per heat.

We look forward to see you at the closing of the dragon boat season in the Czech Republic. We booked sunny weather for this day, so do not hesitate and come to compete in the Golden Prague :)


Race Schedule: 

Registration of crews

8,00 - 9,20 

Ship christening


Long Distance race 4500m and 450m

10,00-12,30 Heats

13,00-13,20 Break

13,30-16,00 Finals

Awards ceremony



As always, the Challenge trophy is waiting for the winner of Open category, beer cups and a barrel of beer for the first Mixed crew and for the most beautiful category... you will see :)

After the awards ceremony, all Tragically Long Distance Race crews are invited to join the "Tragic party"  - don't get me wrong - the party bears the name of the organising crew Tragedky (The Tragedians). Otherwise the party is usually quite jolly and the only tragic experience may be your next morning headache.

Drummers & Sweeps For the race paddles, sweeps and drummers must be secured by the racing crews.

Boats & Paddles

Boats are provided for all crews free of charge. We only provide plastic paddles so the crews are recommended to bring their own which are more suitable for the long distance race.

Food & Drinks

There will be an outdoor bar with hot and cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Well, what else do you need?  All right, we have loads of home-made cakes and sweets to lift up your energy levels before, during and after the race. The bars will serve barbecued steaks, sausages, vegetables, hot soup.


Parking is possible free of charge within the facility area. The parking area is rather large but not completely unlimited. We recommend to be on the spot on time and if possible use public transport or share cars to save space for everyone. 


• outdoor tents

• outdoor bar

• toilettes

Accommodation If you need assistance with accommodation, email us on and we will help you with looking for a suitable hotel or hostel that will meet the demands of your crew.








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Kategorie FUN: zmena distance na 2x 450 m

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