Crews must register at the INFO-center during 8:00 – 9:20 AM


Pre-start procedure

Crews are to show up in the “Crew line-up area” at times given in the start list (updated lists will be available all day at the INFO-center). Whole crew must be present in the designated area, otherwise it will NOT be allowed to start.

Mixed crews: the minimum of 8 paddling women will be checked during the line-up.



First heat will start at 10:00 am (line-up at 9:35)



* Start is located approx. 1500 m up the river from the boathouse.

* Crews have approx. 10-15 minutes from embarking to get to the start line.

Delays at start (late coming, blocking the starting boats etc.) will be penalized.


* No postponement because of latecomers!

* Start referee calls the boats into lanes 1 to 6 from left bank.

* Start command: Are you ready? – GO!

* False start will be penalized.



* 1st + 3rd turn is approx. 50 m before the left bridge pillar (turning to left) – according to the race plan.

* 2nd turn is around 3 buoys approx. 300m from the start (see race plan).

* Whichever boat is first at the buoy, has the right of passage. Any hazardous manoeuvre with risk of collision and material damage must be avoided.

* Shortcuts will will be penalized.



* Finish line is marked with buoys in front of the boathouse. Finish line is crossed in the upstream direction (after the 3rd turn in the race).

* Start, turns and finish are watched particularly closely and video-record is taken.

* Holding of other boat and crews impeding other competitors will be penalized.

* Unfair behavior or injury of crew members of other boats will be penalized by the jury.

Results are available at INFO-center after each heat.


 Protests are to be delivered to the INFO-center. Protest time interval is 30 min. after the particular result release. The protest will be assessed by the Jury of the race in 30 minutes, but not later than by the end of the particular heat block (morning/afternoon). All protests shall be made in writing and shall be accompanied by a fee of 500 CZK, or the equivalent amount in the other currency. The fee shall be refunded if the protest is upheld.


Organization notes:

* Captains meeting is replaced by the registration (at the INFO-center), where the crews receive all necessary information and schemes.

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